Kadee Worth

Kadee Worth is one of the protagonists of Rags. She is an international pop star princess and daughter of music mogul Reginald Worth. Kadee is annoyed by having to sing songs written by others and wear clothes people choose for her, as she wants the world to see her true talent. Her love interest is Charlie Prince.

Kadee is portrayed by Keke Palmer.


Kadee's a big personality with an even bigger voice. When she's not jet-setting across continents performing as a pop princess, she's perfecting her "image" that's carefully controlled for her by a team of experts under her music mogul dad. But don't be fooled by her shiny lip gloss and exterior -- deep down Kadee wants her true voice to be heard. When a mysterious singer shows up to her costume party in a mask, she must find out who "Rags" is and how to make amazing music with him.

(This text has been taken from The Nickelodeon Rags Wiki)

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