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Images that are uploaded to the Keke Palmer Wiki should be in a format that provides clarity and ease of use, primarily through quick loading times. In addition, since images will be shared with Keke Palmer wikis in other languages, clarity in file names and file information is necessary for non-English-speaking wikis so that they may be translated to their local language.

This page will describe the methods by which this will be achieved.

File names Edit

File names on all wikis hosted by Wikia are case sensitive. Spaces and some punctuation marks are allowed in file names. As such, file names should be descriptive and use spaces and punctuation as appropriate. Capital letters should only be used with proper names or acronyms such as "Keke Palmer" and "TJVP", but not with common words such as "riding skateboard".

Files shared with other wikis cannot be renamed. If the file is moved to a new name, then only the locally-translated information is moved, disconnecting it from the shared file.

The following table illustrates good and poor file names:

File name Notes
Kekedoor.jpg Words are run together.
KekeDoor.JPG The uppercase K helps mark the beginning of a new word, but is not as clear as it would be if there was a space in between the words. The .JPG suffix should also be in lower case (.jpg).
Keke door.jpg Easy to read, but does not describe what the picture is about.
KekestandingAttheDoor.jpg Harder to read, since it looks like "Kekestanding" is a single word, along with "Atthe".
KekeStandingAtTheDoor.jpg Separating words with spaces is preferable to marking them with uppercase letters.
Img043.jpg Does not describe what the picture is about.
Axsaswoei.jpg Does not describe what the picture is about.
Keke standing at the door.jpg A good and descriptive file name that is easy to read.
We aren't going, are we?.jpg Apostrophes, commas and question marks are supported and can be used as needed.
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