True Jackson

True Jenna Jackson is a teenage girl and the protagonist of the show. She was hired by Max Madigan as a Vice President for Mad Style's Youth Apparel. True is constantly getting into sticky situations that nearly end in her getting fired. Amanda, another VP, is constantly trying to get True fired. True loves to help people, especially Max, even if it may cost her job. She has a huge crush on the mailman, Jimmy. Jimmy also has feelings for her, but she does not know it until the second season. They tried dating but Mr. Madigan made a rule against co-workers dating, so they decided to stay friends. Until, Jimmy started to hang with the new mail room girl at Mad Style. This caused True to get jealous and reveal that she still has feelings for him. Because of this, Jimmy admitted that he also still has feelings for True and they share a kiss, thus making it evident that they are officially a couple. They are now currently boyfriend and girlfriend. Her catchphrase is "(You/she/he) (said/did) what now?!", although throughout the series other characters say that as well. She also tells many unusual stories about her family. True isn't a very good cook but is convinced that everybody loves her cooking. She speaks fluent Icelandic in the episode "True Takes Iceland" and she can also speak fluent Swahili because her mother was born in Ghana while her father was born in New York City (as revealed in the episode "True Intrigue").

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